Feb 182013

The Ghost of the Canadian Mountie (Main/UK), by Rusty Wilson, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of Yellow Cat Publishing.

Book Description
In this short story, Rusty Wilson, Colorado flyfishing guide, relates one of the hairiest tales he’s ever heard while sitting around the campfire with his clients, and that’s saying a lot, if you’ve ever read any of his Bigfoot stories.

This strange tale is all about destiny, and whether or not some of us can foretell our life stories. It involves a young artist and his friend and their trip into Canada, where they encounter a strange ghost from their future. Poignant and unsettling, it will have the hackles on your neck standing up.

Also included is “The Green River Ghost,” which has the double whammy of both a ghost and a Bigfoot. That story is from Rusty’s bestselling book, “Bigfoot Campfire Stories.”

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