Feb 202013

A Dark Light: An Arthurian Action-Adventure Story (Main/UK), by Roger Hurn, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of UK publisher Endeavour Press.

Book Description
Rome has fallen.

Britain is left defenceless against the Saxon invaders and the forces of chaos and darkness.

One man stands ready to defend the realm.

The legendary King Arthur.

A young man – Owen – joins the King’s Army of New Romans – hardened, blood-thirsty warriors who will lay down their lives for their Kingdom. He is ready to fight for the cause – and die if necessary.

But he is thrown straight in the terrifying battle of Netley Marsh where Arthur’s hastily assembled Army suffers a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Saxons. And he must quickly learn the brutal realities of a soldiers’ trade.

After narrowly escaping death, Owen escapes back to Cadbury, the site of the legendary Camelot, where Arthur and the remnants of his war band are licking their wounds. But can Arthur come up with a plan that will reverse their fortunes?

Or will the war be lost before it has even begun – and Arthur’s dream of a strong and united Britain lost with it?

‘A Dark Light’ is the first in a powerful trilogy of books chronicling the epic struggle of Arthur, warlord and the last best hope of Romano-Britain. The Power in the Darkness series shows how Arthur established himself as the only British leader capable of defeating the invaders and describes the real story behind the legends we associate with Arthur and his “knights”. It is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Robyn Young and Simon Scarrow.

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