Feb 042013

There is an updated batch of books from The Charles River Editors, The Editors of New Word City and/or Hyperink that are free in the Kindle store (most are repeats). These are most likely only free today, so be sure to double check prices before one-clicking. Newly free titles listed below:

  1. History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Betsy Ross, by the Charles River Editors
  2. History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Benjamin Franklin, by the Charles River Editors
  3. The 2012 Best Book On Getting A Microsoft Job (A Former Developer & Program Manager Tells-All), by Matt Lee (HyperInk)
  4. Quicklet on True Blood, Season One, by Tina Wheeler (HyperInk)
  5. Quicklet on How I Met Your Mother Season 2, by Dan P. Taylor (HyperInk)
  6. Quicklet on Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Big Country, by Peg Robinson (HyperInk)
  7. Biography of Ai Weiwei, by Biography of Ai Weiwei (HyperInk)
  8. Quicklet on 60 Minutes Entertainment Profiles: Meryl Streep, by Winston Maccallum (HyperInk)
  9. Quicklet on Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, by Noelle Duncan (HyperInk)
  10. Planning the Perfect Baby Shower, by Sarah H. Lilton (HyperInk)
  11. Happy Blended Families: How Step Families Can Get Along, by Sara M. (HyperInk)
  12. Regis Philbin, by Michael Essany (HyperInk)

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