Feb 202013

Sugar Mummy (Main/UK), by Simon Brooke, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of UK publisher Endeavour Press.

Book Description
Meet Andrew Collins.

Young, ambitious, and good-looking, Andrew knows that the daily grind of commuting and working is not enough for him. He wants more than a boring job and a mediocre life. Mostly, though, he wants more money – a lot of it. So when he answers an ad for male escorts, Andrew figures he’s just found the perfect way to make some cash – with a Sugar Mummy. Suddenly Andrew is living the dream – eating in exclusive restaurants, shopping in designer stores and cared for by his lover’s maid.

But now that he finally has the life he always wanted, Andrew finds himself drawn to a plain Jane. She’s a no-nonsense, deep-thinking shop assistant who has no interest in his materialistic existence. So why can’t he stop thinking about her?

Maybe because life in the lap of luxury isn’t all it seems…

Drawn to Jane and feeling trapped by his very own Mrs Robinson, Andrew must figure out what matters most: money or happiness…

‘Sugar Mummy’ is a brilliantly funny yet also moving story that will enthrall readers. It is perfect for fans of Tony Parsons and Mike Gayle.

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