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Sinner: A Prequel to the Mongoliad , a novella by Mark Teppo, is free in the Kindle store. No publisher is listed for this edition, but the The Foreworld Saga is being published by 47North and this is a long-running promotion, so I suspect they are the publisher. This series starts with The Mongoliad, the first novel in a trilogy, all three volumes of which are currently on sale for $2.99 apiece. Skip the two 99 cent short stories on the The Foreworld Saga page; one is a duplicate of this title and the other is included in The Mongoliad: Book Two. Don’t be fooled by the titles, either – unlike some authors that release a few chapters as a ‘book’, each of these volumes is hefty, at 450-500 pages in print. There are currently four Foreworld SideQuest novellas available to purchase or pre-order, as well; it looks like their $1.99 price is a permanent one and you can borrow any of them as your Lending Library selection.

Oh, and check your library on The Mongoliad – I purchased an edition that is no longer listed, so I don’t see that I own the book looking at the current edition.

Book Description
A severed head and a cry of “Witchcraft!” start a frenzied witchhunt in a sleepy German village. When Konrad von Marburg, a Church inquisitor, arrives on the scene, innocent and guilty alike find themselves subject to the inquisitor’s violent form of purification.

Two knights of the Ordo Militum Vindicis Intactae, Andreas and Raphael, soon arrive in the village. Though each journeys on a separate path, they quickly band together to confront the inquisitor as he whips the townspeople into a righteous bloodlust.

When her dead husband’s severed head appears on her doorstep, a local woman is charged with practicing heretical rituals, it is up to the knights to discover the truth behind the brutal murder before the torches are lit and the woman is burned at the stake.

Their task proves daunting, though, as the townspeople have their own long-buried secrets and sins that they want to keep hidden—even if it means allowing the sacrifice of an innocent woman.

With Sinner: A Prequel to the Mongoliad, Mark Teppo forges the first link in a chain that leads to the world-shattering events of the Mongoliad series.

Offer valid 12:01AM PST 01/02/2013 through 11:59PM PST 02/20/2013. Promotion applies only to qualifying editions of Sinner displaying the offer message on their product information pages. Limit one per customer. Offer limited to customers located in the US. Offer may not be transferred or resold. Void where prohibited. Offer good while supplies last. Amazon may terminate or modify this offer at any time in our sole discretion.

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