Feb 132013

Fortunes of the Heart (Main/UK), by Jenny Telfer Chaplin, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of UK publisher Endeavour Press.

Book Description
Kate thinks her life is about to change – forever.

A chamber maid from a world of grinding poverty, she falls pregnant and unexpectedly marries Pearce Kinnon, the son of wealthy Irish landed gentry.

She expects to move into a new world fitting her husband’s status.

The world of a lady.

But her new family are far from welcoming – and Kate and her husband are cut off without a penny.

Kate is suddenly right back where she started – except with a husband and a young child to look after.

And with nothing to live on apart from their wits and brains.

As poverty-stricken Irish immigrants they are considered the lowest of the low by the Glaswegians in the city where they have settled.

Kate has to battle religious, cultural, and social prejudice to build a new life for herself.

And she has to battle to save her marriage – and re-build the fortune that was cruelly taken from them.

‘Fortunes of the Heart’ is a brilliant family saga that combines period detail with a gripping and moving story. It is perfect for fans of Margaret James and Christina Courtenay.

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