Feb 162013

For those in Australia, you can pick up a free copy of A Lasting Record (Kobo; no editions at Amazon), by Stephen Downes, over at Kobo, courtesy of The Australian newspaper. Only those with an Australian address will be able to take advantage of the promo code below, but they can gift a copy to someone, if they don’t want the book themselves (limit one use per account, either to keep or give away).

This is the last of the free books in this promotion from The Australian.

Book Description
A LASTING RECORD tells the unique true story of two separate but interconnected lives: New Yorker William Kapell, Americas greatest home-grown concert pianist, and Roy Preston, Melbourne-based Myer cosmetics salesman and classical music aficionado. Kapell and Preston are united by one single acetate, containing a Chopin sonata recorded by Roy from Kapells last concert in the regional Australian city of Geelong. With a mix of detective work and imagation, from this single acetate, Stephen Downes tells a spellbinding tale of the greatest pianist who almost never was, and his eccentric and passionate fan.

Get the free ebook from Kobo. First, check in your Profile and make sure CHECKOUT FOR EBOOK PURCHASES is set to Standard, so that you can enter promo codes. Then, click Buy Now on the book’s page, then click on Have a gift card or promo code? Use it here and apply the promo code SD13400 – make sure your total is $0.00 on the summary on the right before clicking on the final Buy Now button at the bottom of the page.

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