Jan 052013

There is an updated batch of books from The Charles River Editors, The Editors of New Word City and/or Hyperink that are free in the Kindle store (most are repeats). These are most likely only free today, so be sure to double check prices before one-clicking. Newly free titles listed below:

  1. The Mother of Christian Science: The Life and Legacy of Mary Baker Eddy, by the Charles River Editors
  2. Native American Tribes: The History and Culture of the Cherokee, by the Charles River Editors
  3. The 100 Photos that Defined San Francisco, by Nicole Bemboom (HyperInk)
  4. Lewis Carroll: Biography of the Author of Alice in Wonderland, by Steven N. (HyperInk)
  5. Beatrix Potter: A Biography, by Elise O. (HyperInk)
  6. The Vampire Diaries: Behind The Series, by Jennifer Dotson (HyperInk)
  7. 100 Best Gertrude Stein Quotes, by Alicia Bones (HyperInk)

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