Jan 012013

There is an updated batch of books from The Charles River Editors, The Editors of New Word City and/or Hyperink that are free in the Kindle store (most are repeats). These are most likely only free today, so be sure to double check prices before one-clicking. Newly free titles listed below:

  1. Richard Scarry: A Biography, by Sidot Jean Avignon (HyperInk)
  2. The Re-Election of Vladimir Putin, by Hayley Igarashi (HyperInk)
  3. Healthy Foods and Recipes Children Love, by Kate Kastelein (HyperInk)
  4. A New Owner’s Guide to Siberian Huskies, by Hyperink Team (HyperInk)
  5. Menopause: How to Prepare for the Rest of Your Life, by Sarah H. Lilton (HyperInk)
  6. How to Buy the World’s Best Wines (For Less Than $20), by John Michael Scalet (HyperInk)
  7. Useful French Phrases for Dating, by Amy Schrauf (HyperInk)
  8. The Best Book On Stanford International Admissions, by Andrea Sy and Nathalie Trepagnier (HyperInk)
  9. The Freelance Writer Bible, by Vivian Wagner (HyperInk)
  10. Quicklet on The Closer Season 1, by Valerie Kalfrin (HyperInk)
  11. Quicklet on Castle Season 3, by John Andrews (HyperInk)

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