Jan 092013

The Mayor of Montebello (Main/UK), by Revel Barker, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of UK publisher Endeavour Press.

Book Description
The sleepy Mediterranean island of Montebello has never had a Mayor like Horatio Greene.

A veteran Fleet Street reporter, who spent his childhood holidays on the island, and who has retired there early, Horatio is a ferocious editor of the local paper.

But he has spent so much time criticising the way the island is run they decided to put him in charge.

But not everything is Montebello is as it appears.

And underneath the tranquil surface run ancient feuds and passions that are about to explode.

And the new Mayor of Montebello soon discovers he has taken on far more than he bargained for — and there is a lot more to the island than he ever knew.

‘The Mayor of Montebello’ is sun-kissed Mediterranean mystery story. It is a captivating tale of island life that will entrance anyone who had ever spent a leisurely afternoon sipping the local wine and watching the waves wash against the beach.

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