Jan 162013

Once Upon a Time, the third title in the Wacky Women series by Day Leclaire, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher ePublishing Works!.

Book Description
Handsome, efficiency-expert Julian Lord loves his rules.

Unfortunately, the mayhem at Willow’s End is breaking every last one of them.

First there’s his aunt’s young and beautiful caretaker, Callie, Ms. Disorganization herself, who couldn’t say “no” if her life depended on it. Then there’s Brutus, Callie’s 200-pound St. Bernard who thinks he’s human, and his aunt’s two juvenile delinquent fosters bent on tearing apart her house in search of her missing will.

Julian attempts to tame the juvenile delinquents. Callie is dedicated to un-taming him. But no one can tame Brutus. Watching all the craziness come together is simply too fascinating for the humongous beast, especially since he knows exactly where the will is hidden.

Too bad the old boy isn’t talking….

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