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Backwoods Home Magazine is having their largest ever ebook giveaway on Kindle today, with both books and magazines included this time around. I’ve been a subscriber for years, but had not purchased all of their collection books, so I’m glad to pick these up at no cost (the books normally sell for $10 and have sold well in paper over the years), as well as to get ebook versions of some of the magazines (now, if they would just release ALL the back issues … I have been considering sending mine off to be scanned, but would much prefer to get these editions instead of just a PDF).

These are the new free issues and books today:

Self-reliance: Recession-proof your pantry (Main/UK), by Jackie Clay, Jeffrey R. Yago, Sylvia Gist and Linda Gabris

Book Description
Recession-proof your pantry with these ideas on long-term storage, what to keep in your pantry, canning basics, freezing and dehydrating foods, and recipes to help you in good times and bad. This self-reliance guide from Backwoods Home Magazine is a must-have for everyone starting on the road to self-reliance as well as those well along their way.

Backwoods Home Magazine – Jan/Feb 2010 (Main/UK)

Book Description
In this back issue: How to erect the walls and roof of Eric’s house in Ashland, OR; How to grow rhubarb and make a rhubarb pie by Jackie Clay; Massad Ayoob writes about women and guns; How to graft fruit trees; Making healthy soups with fresh ingredients; How to make a super-insulated home; Claire Wolfe muses about winter in the high desert; Constructing and using a root cellar; How to pour a concrete floor; John Silveira discusses the U.S. Constitution and how we are losing the rights it guarantees us; Dave Duffy shows how to build an economically sustainable youth golf club; Jackie Clay answers questions about making sulfa apples, growing and storing potatoes, canning salad dressing, making homemade shampoo, peeling pears, using a grain grinder, hens eating eggs, washing eggs, using home-canned meats, growing herbs indoors, grinding buckwheat, vacuum sealing vs. canning.

Backwoods Home Magazine – Mar/Apr 2010 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 122 contains: Emergency and Backwoods Water Treatment; making the $1 garden; how gardening is good for you; growing potatoes in hay; living in the desert; healthy meals for vegetarians and semi-vegetarians; bovine basics for beginners; your kitchen pharmacy; beat supermarket psychology and save; spare firearms; a quick tour of hyperinflation and the possible consequences for America; and an assessment of America from Russia. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about grinding buckwheat, raising feeder geese, growing potatoes in tires, minerals and fertilizers, root cellaring in Texas, making butter, keeping seeds in the freezer, storing squash, canning turkey soup, heart rot in potatoes, removing snow from a roof, boiling home-canned foods, canning in ½-gallon jars, grain for goats, and processing venison.

Backwoods Home Magazine – May/Jun 2010 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 123 contains: The lead article is about The Applesed Project, which is a weekend course in American Revolutionary War history and rifle marksmanship; using wild edibles in delectable dishes; part of the 10-part series, Building Eric’s house; tomatoes, the essential garden crop; tub gardening; the sweet side or sourdough; searching for the perfect goat; pasteurizing milk; John Silveira discusses the Tea Party movement; Claire Wolfe discusses fear freedom, and adventure in the backwoods; curried lentil soup; and Dave Duffy ‘s commentary is about the Second Revolution that is on the way; Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about canning pears, horseradish, seasoning cast iron, getting rid of rats, mold in the cellar, dried shortening powder, and using old lentils.

Backwoods Home Magazine – July/Aug 2010 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 124 contains: Build a goat cottage; moving to our Maine homestead; Vermicomposting; all about healthy elderberries; Ethiopian food with Richard Blunt; Jug lines, limb lines, and trot lines for fishing; part 2 of Emergency and Backwoods Water Treatment (part one in Issue No.122, part 3 in No. 125)); the poor man’s ultra-light dual-fuel backpacking stove; long gun and short gun shooting similarities; breaking in a sodbuster on the ranch; a peek into the life of Pekin ducks; pecan-coated rock fish; and the California marijuana initiative. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about drying summer squash, seasoning cast iron, making yogurt, canning in gallon jars, making salt pork, a butter mold, having calves or heifers, getting started with homesteading, growing potatoes in tires, and dehydrating apples.

Backwoods Home Magazine – Sept/Oct 2010 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 125 contains: Jackie Clay shows you how to build and stock your pantry; Butchering a hog; making Hungarian liver and rice sausages; build an attached solar green house; how to sharpen a chainsaw; harvesting small game for the stew pot; Mas Ayoob talks about big boomer guns; honey, nature’s sweetener; historic and healthy pistachios; Claire Wolfe’s details how she helped raise a neighbor’s house; John Silveira reminisces about his “Time Travel” ad that launched a Hollywood movie; part 3 of Emergency and Backwoods Water Treatment (part 1 is in No. 122 and part 2 is in No. 124). Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about composing horse manure, using fresh horse manure, curing onions, dwarf fruit trees, carrot rust fly, flea beatles, reusable Tattler cans, canning dried beans, canning tamales, canning cheese, canning nuts, canning frozen green beans, using grape leaves for pickles, oil for frying, dehydrating potatoes, and salty bologna.

Backwoods Home Magazine – Nov/Dec 2010 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 126 contains: Basic cheese making; a guide to buying silver and gold; finding wealth you can wear at yard sales; cold weather shooting considerations; life-saving snowshoes; John Silveira discusses how we can escape from the current recession; installing a steel roof; Richard Blunt discusses the history and cooking of fried foods; making a hand-built rope bed; using Khaki Campbell ducks as egg layers; how to give a haircut; making homemade gift baskets; and how cops get themselves out of a recession by giving out excessive traffic tickets. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about using dried tomato powder, tomato pickles, trouble with Rutgers tomatoes, GM seed, Yukon Gold potatoes, hollow potatoes, making lye soap, waterless canning, salty goat milk, the fall pea crop, old pinto beans, powdered milk, wood beetles, and canning milk.

Backwoods Home Magazine – Mar/Apr 2011 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 128 contains: How to propagate plants; morel mushrooms for beginners; drive your own freshwater well; switch your family to goat’s milk; make a better bucket butter churn; effective LED lights mounted on guns; delicious, dependable potatoes; dehorning calves with dehorning paste; grow gourmet salad greens, advantages of a wool felt hat; downsizing the garden as we grow older; controlling cutworms; an inexpensive compost toilet; part 2 of LED lighting (part 1 was in Issue No. 127, part 3 in Issue No. 129); and Dave Duffy makes the case for defunding government as a sensible voter solution to reining in local government. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about pectin, running the pressure canner without water, half-gallon canning jars, using vinegar, liver recipes, a baked bean canning recipe, re-canning products, rendering lard, dehydrated shortening, cooking oil going rancid, storing red wheat, storing food in plastic jars, and canning pecans.

Backwoods Home Magazine – May/June 2011 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 129 contains: Jackie Clay shows how to save seeds; make your own firestarters; the under-appreciated sweet potato; part 5 of Building Eric’s house; medicating your cattle; learning how to tell a good pig; Richard Blunt cooks family dinner at Backwoods Home Magazine; a homesteader’s journal, part1; part 3 of LED Lightning series (parts 1 and 2 were in Issue Nos. 127 and 128); Cabbage and good health and great eating; and John Silveira discusses the dollar’s decline so it is now worth only 2 cents. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about cooking on a wood stove, homesteading, harvesting acorns, removing hulls from seeds, using bay leaves to deter weevils, Pekin ducks, gardening, storing salt and sugar, making rennet, storing food on the damp coast, using hedge apples for repelling roaches, and saving carrot seeds.

Backwoods Home Magazine – Nov/Dec 2011 (Main/UK)

Book Description
Back issue No. 132 contains: information on mushing; living with wolves; camping during winter; part 6 of Building Eric’s house; reducing your property taxes; how to make new yarn from old sweaters; dealing with midwinter madness; what to do in case of an unplanned homebirth; building a holz hausen to dry firewood; reloading your own brass; recycling saw blades to make knives; creating a solar-powered chicken coop; cooking with persimmons; making apple pies, savory supper pies, and yogurt; using horse labor and putting up firewood; realizing the threat of electromagnetic pulse. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about cold pack canning, rusty canning jars, cabin skylights, developing a spring, canning salsa and bacon, broody chickens, wash day, pressure canning, goat tallow soap, and saving corn seed.

These are the repeat freebies, for those who have missed them:

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